Standing Strong for Economic Growth

Ensuring Seminole County’s continued economic growth is vital to maintaining our high quality of life.  We need to create a business environment that fosters quality, high paying jobs for Seminole County families.  We can accomplish this by eliminating red tape, lowering barriers to entry for new businesses, and fighting for lower taxes.

In Longwood, we created an economic development plan that focused on maximizing job creation and opportunity while promoting small business, community involvement, local leadership and genuine cooperation between the residents, businesses, community organizations and the city.  We built a structure that brought a diverse set of economic priorities and players to the table, but like in any good business, is flexible enough to respond to changing circumstances at the local, state and federal level. 

As Mayor of the City of Longwood, I opposed tax increases, supported lower impact fees and worked to streamline the process of building a home or business. As a result of these conservative policies, we have seen the tremendous growth of larger economic development sites, new housing sites and business expansions - and it’s all supported by an expanding, modern infrastructure.  

Today, Longwood is one of the fastest growing cities in Central Florida with a vibrant and growing business community.